National Day celebration today in school.
Was late for school, dumb prefects let the late-comers
to stand outside like idiots for like 30 minutes.
I had no choice but questioned the two prefects,
the fat prefect boy still can reply me "Eh, I don't know lei"
I could have seriously punched him through his rubber cheeks.
Then I kept whining "What the fuck sia, national day also must run,
so much for celebrating singapore's day, thanks uh, the school's screwed like totally uh!
cheebai la, lanjiao la!" on and on and on.
Then proceed to hall, prize giving shit,
my friends and me shouted prize-winner's father's name all
cause we were so bored, then watched a movie at d&t classroom.
Thats the end, stupid day at school, might as well stay home.

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