Hey guys, place pretty dead for past few weeks, sorry.
Been enjoying ebooks at the moment, busy with school, fasting full for this ramadan,
shopping for clothes for my festive occasion basically.

Anyhows, I am intending of changing into another blog.
I guess I happened to look up my former posts, I came to a realization
I am no longer that person. Not entirely but almost.

Plus, it's best for my outlook... I supposed.
Like my lecturer said "Employers already know you virtually way before the interview"

I sound pretty serious but Ha ha just wanted a new chapter,
you know.. Enlightenment? Yes, that!

I will place the site here soon, contemplating on which platform to use still.

Till then, xx.

Lee Hi - Rose

This song has been replay non-stop on my playlist for weeks now. It has some meaningful lyrics and contagious melody to it. I mean someone who is 3 years younger who sounds like a  Korean version of Lana del rey, can't get any better.


[Photo from my instagram]

Earlier in May, I've started to eat Clean, real clean like fruits and lean meat.
Mostly due to my obsession in getting thinner and fit at the same time.
I was having doubts at first about changing my diet intake. But it certainly has effect on me.

You could feel your body change within a few days being in the diet, and also you
have the motivation and willingness to do excel well in your exercise.
I drop a few pounds just by eating clean and doing some cardio at home.
I'd made my own workout planner which I am following pretty religiously. And it's
helping a hell lot.

 I am so jealous of National Service men in Singapore who have regular
schedule of their workout and proper diet. I guess as a woman here, I should be responsible
of what I eat.  Thereby, I believe in making your own meal cause you've the control of
how many carbs, sugar, vitamins and proteins go inside your body.

Like in the picture of this post, it's a simple sandwich with…


Good afternoon my lovely readers, I would like to announce that I am actually doing overlays for your android picture apps  at the moment, cause I do love overlays, and I decided to share a few of my illustrations. :-)  Do tag #overlace if you ever used them.

Queen of disasters

This has to be my favorite song of the month of May. I am  clearly hooked to 70s-80s contagious tune which got me  playing this song over and over again that I even had it as my ringtone.  It's my loss I wasn't able to come down town to take a photo with her which a number of my friends did.

gardens by the bay tour

The last week of school, my lecturer conducted a class trip to Gardens by the Bay. Obviously so hyped, plus the fact that our tickets got subsided helluva lot!  I took tons of photos but majority are for horticulture study purpose. I must say they do have lots of rare plants categorize by different gardens... very  beneficial for those studying horticulture. I am amazed with the vibrancy of flowers and also the huge amount of silver plants in the planet! Oh my glob!  Here's a little update. Working on my portfolio site, help! :(


These are mighty delicious. Best recipe I'd tried so far.